Sweet Japan

Japanese Confectionery

Sweet Japan is trading at Jubilee Market Weekend . 

We trade at Jubilee Market in Covent Garden on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th Oct.
We will see you there!!
Quantities are limited because our KOHAKUTO is handmade and takes time to be crystalized.
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Hyper Japan Festival 2018 Photo Gallery

Thank you for visiting us at Hyper Japan Festival. It was lovely to see you!! 

You can taste our KOHAKUTO® at Tombo Café and  Restaurant 

Spring Special Menu

Sakura Cherry Blossom Mochi &Tea Set

More information for Tombo Restaurant & Matcha Bar  Click Here

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Our KOHAKUTO® is Available at Concept store Sway Gallery London

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More information for Sway Gallery London click Here

Japanese Confectionery

KOHAKUTO® is the Japanese traditional sweet.
Beautiful edible gems☆
It is vegetarian sweet, no animal ingredients contained. 

Some decorated Kohakuto® contained milk.


Asorted flavor boxes.

Gift Boxes

Small and large gift boxes.

You can mix&match colors and flavors.

Tasting Box

5 different flavors come in a box.